Apply All These Secret Techniques for Improving Food Safe Lights

Apply All These Secret Techniques for Improving Food Safe Lights

Illuminating the rooms in your food or luxury food industry will be related to certain special photometric, electro-technical and hygienic challenges. Therefore, the only viable options for lighting installations are as follows:

  • Must be resistant to breakage
  • Should contain no glass
  • Should contain covered light sources only
  • It must resist cold, humidity, vibrations and any chemical cleaning agents based on their application.

All these preconditions should apply to your complete supply chains meant for foodstuffs. Companies who are in food distribution business will be subjected to same strict specifications to select LED luminaires like companies who are working in the production of food stuff as well as food processing.

Also, those who are manufacturers of food packaging are obligated to follow and comply to various safety standards e.g. International Food Standard or BRC Global Standard.

Few well-known companies like TRILUX has always been supporting all foodstuff producers for last many years particularly in the areas like storage, production and dispatch with very high quality and reliable luminaire solutions which comply with all kinds of strict specifications.

Also, in addition to any weather-proof luminaires, their portfolio will also include robust high-bay luminaires and high-efficiency LED lines. You may also visit their website at to know more details about them.

Ways to improve lighting in the food industry

Food safe lights can be an industry with certain special needs and it will be important to take this into account while installing lighting in such type of environment. The breakage of light source in food processing industry may cause very expensive kind of production interruption. Therefore, we offer a range of solutions for these challenges!

Lighting in a food processing area is very important. Because good lighting allows a better visual examination. Therefore, in raw material reception areas, production and packaging areas, the luminous intensity should be higher than 540 lux. (It should also not be too intense, as it can hurt the view, as well as masking some visual aspects of conformity). In other places the minimum intensity can be 300 lux.

All lamps and indoor lighting installations must have a protective armor to prevent them from contaminating food when broken. This must be removable and easy to clean.

In addition to the minimum and adequate illumination the light sources must be of uniform intensity and must be distributed in such a way as to avoid very sharp contrasts and harmful reflections. They should not cause dazzle; they should not cause excessive heating and should not be susceptible to large variations in intensity.

The places where a large number of people work should be provided with emergency and security lighting to ensure circulation lighting and exit signs.

The diffuser is sometimes insufficient and the light source itself must also be adequately protected to avoid the detachment of debris resulting from possible breakage, in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Challenge: “I am looking for top quality solution with LED that can easily meet all kind of safety requirements as well as will be energy efficient.

We recommend it: LED solution with protection

Luminaire: Aura Areza

Light source: Aura UltiLED Long Life

Control system: Long Range PIR Sensor

This solution is perfect for the food industry! The Aura UltiLED Long Life high luminous flux that offers excellent energy efficiency and high light quality. It is not a retrofit LED tube with integrated driver, but a new type of LED light source. Aura UltiLED Long Life offers you all the benefits of LED lighting of today, ensuring easy upgrade of your installation as LED technology develops, without having to replace the LED luminaire. Aura Areza is an IP66 damp-proof luminaire, perfect for applications where protection against moisture and dust is required, such as in the food industry. The Long Range PIR sensor allows even greater energy saving.

Challenge: “I need a solution that meets the safety requirements for the food industry and that is dust and moisture proof” and also the perfect food safe light.

We recommend it: T5 Eco Saver solution with protection

Luminaire: Aura Multimo T5

Light source: Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life

Control system: Long Range PIR Sensor

Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life has been specially designed for applications requiring a high level of light. Its energy consumption can be 10% lower compared to a conventional T5 fluorescent lamp in existing luminaires, and the long-life feature will also allow you to reduce maintenance costs. Aura Multimo, with IP65, is perfect for resisting dust and humidity, common external factors in food production.