Female Orgasms Myths and Misconceptions

Female Orgasms Myths and Misconceptions

Before we begin to discuss female orgasm in particular, it is important to understand what an orgasm is in general and how it feels for both men and women. An orgasm is releasing sexual tension. It is accompanied by genital muscle contraction and discharge of bodily fluids from one’s genitals. Sex Toys is an incredible way to achieve the big O.

Also, when you orgasm, your brain releases feel-good hormones like dopamine. These hormones make you feel happier. Now, unfortunately, the concept of female orgasm isn’t clear. Most people believe in what they learn from porn movies, and certainly, that’s not true. One of the biggest misconceptions in this area is – females only orgasm when they have penetrative sex.

Society has created this unrealistic fantasy when it comes to the orgasm. Women are portrayed as experiencing orgasm in romantic settings with surreal surroundings. In reality many females have a difficult time reaching orgasm. The female body is complex and requires time and trial and error.

All these misconceptions have frustrated women and as a result, many keep on wondering if they have reached their climax instead of enjoying sex in the moment. So, it’s time we clear all our doubts and understand what female orgasm is all about.

What exactly happens when a woman reaches her climax?

First of all, understand that all women experience orgasm, but how their body responds to it is different. So, don’t expect every woman to experience sparks and squirts, it doesn’t work like that.

Now, here are a few physical and emotional signs that confirm that a woman has reached her climax. However, one doesn’t have to experience them all.

Physical signs

  • Heart rate increases.
  • Genital muscles contract.
  • If you are having penetrative sex, you might squirt. This is because your skene’s gland is stimulated along with G-spot, and it holds the squirting fluid.
  • You might experience some milky white discharge from your urethral opening. This is not exactly squirting but simply flowing out.
  • Your legs might shake during orgasm.
  • You will feel exhausted and sleepy after it.

Emotional signs

  • You might partially lose the sense of reality. This is because a wave of immense pleasure is crossing your body.
  • You will feel as if you are more connected with your partner, both physically and emotionally.

Can you even experience that body-twitching orgasm?

Well, of course, you can if your body responds that way. If your body has always been more on the chill side, don’t expect to experience those mind-numbing orgasms overnight. However, you can certainly change this with time and practice. Try to experiment a little, and stimulate different areas of your body. For instance, try to stimulate your clit and g-spot at the same time.

You can even check out the variety of sex toys available in the market. These toys not only spice up things but even help you achieve the orgasms you have never imagined. Lastly, if you have difficulty in reaching climax, it is best to talk about it with your partner. After all, faking it is just being unfair to your partner and yourself too.

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