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Easy Guide To Design Your Residence Elegantly In Formal Style

Easy Guide To Design Your Residence Elegantly In Formal Style

Formal interior design is impressive, luxurious, and attracts a lot of attention. It is quite similar to traditional design style and is mostly found in elegant hotels, commercial buildings, historical buildings, and residential homes. It comprises of ornate design elements, has symmetry and elaborately carved wall decorations.

Incorporating formal style decoration in modern homes:

Create a central focal point: Rooms with formal interior design have a central focal point like lavish chandeliers, fireplace, or an exquisite piece of furniture. The best way to draw attention to one focal point is by lighting which can be achieved by a grandiose chandelier. The good news is that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to chandeliers.

If you are looking for a sparkly crystal chandelier, check the extensive catalog available at Sofary. They are the go-to choice for many US residents owing to their highest quality crystals, variety of designs, ease of customization, and affordable price range. Some of the popular choices of chandeliers for formal style decoration include:

  • Square flush mount: Add general lighting using flush mount or semi-flush mount chandeliers. This fixture adds more character to space and works great for dining areas, living rooms, and entryways.
  • Drum: This statement piece is drum-shaped and available in a wide range of design materials. You can opt for traditional crystal ones or the ones made of acrylic or flame-resistant fabric if you want something a bit modern.
  • Long raindrop: Raindrop chandeliers are truly a symbol of unmatched modern elegance and radiate a luxurious feel. Depending on its size, you can use it on stairways or dining and living rooms.
  • Bowl: Bowl or bell-shaped chandeliers cups and filter light. When the light is directed towards the ceiling, you’ll observe more shadows on the ground level while if the light is directed downward, the space is engulfed in pools of light.


A major aspect of formal interior home design is symmetry – the symmetry of furniture, windows, flooring, and artwork. Matching elements are places in pairs on a straight axis. Rather than choosing perfectly matching pieces, you can also choose elements of similar density, size, and style to create a formal look.

Architectural features:

Formal style interiors are all about making heads turn. Decorate the space with a large fireplace mantle, majestic chandeliers, glistening mirrors, highly polished woods, oriental rugs, antic accessories, and luxurious fabrics. You can achieve the look by:

  • Complement tightly upholstered furniture with comfortable and decorative pillows
  • Stick to one to two formal pieces of furniture and let the other furniture pieces be more practical.
  • Use table cloths with ruffles and tassels.
  • Arrange matching pairs of furniture on either side of the sofa.
  • Opt for wooden furniture in dark tones
  • Instead of silk and velvet, you can choose other lush-looking synthetic, washable fabric.
  • Choose lighting fixtures with a metallic finish.

If you are aiming for formal style interiors you can try the above tips to create an orderly atmosphere. Remember to ensure the style is practical for every-day use and adorn the space accordingly.