Rules Against Loud Music While Driving In Australia

Who doesn’t like a little music while driving? You may be travelling alone for an hour or more. It is not easy just to sit back with no interaction for a long period of time. The stereo in your car might be your best solace at that time. Playing loud music can both distract your concentration while driving, and invite a hefty fine, if the police of NSW and Queensland finds out that you are driving while playing loud music.

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It is good to know the laws concerning loud music played during the drive. Both noises from the stereo and from vehicles (horns, engines, blares from exhaust, etc.) is a form of noise pollution, if considered offensive.

Laws Regarding Playing Music in High Volume While Driving

Both in NSW and Queensland playing loud music in cars is an offence and can be fined. The fine in NSW can rise up to $200 and in Queensland it may be $175. According to the Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) 2017, it may contribute to noise pollution along with other motor vehicle noises.

For the first time offender, the police may give a warning and release them. But, if you still continue to repeat your action you would have to pay the fine and receive demerit points. Moreover, the local council may have some other rules apart from the state wise laws. It will incur you more restrictions and fines. So, be careful or better keep the volume down while driving.

The Effects of Traffic Noise

There are many risks involved in both playing music loud and suffering from regular traffic noises. The NSW Department of Environment and Conservation states that road traffic noise pollution affects one out of every five Australian. They may suffer from the following problems –

  • It is one of the major sources of distraction while driving. Not only would you be distracted, but also take longer reaction time to avoid any imminent danger or deal with an emergency.
  • It causes damage to your ear. If you are exposed to above 85 decibels of sound for a long period of time, you would be impaired.
  • Sleeping problems
  • Interruption in work
  • Speaker interference

All these problems may either lead to accidents or make one stressful and irritated. You may even have anxiety, fatigue and other health issues if it goes on for a prolonged period.

This is imperative to say that do not follow the rules only in dread of penalties, but, also try to think first of your safety and environment protection. So, no matter how much you love the song keep its volume at moderate level.