Cartilage Piercing: Before and After Care

We all know that cartilage is generally harder than the normal skin, but very smooth than the bone. Besides, cartilage piercing is not a very painful procedure as many people think. In fact, we can say that this pain is very quick and sharp. The pain usually lasts only for a very few seconds. However, remember that there are few things that you need to follow before and after getting your piercing done, to avoid unnecessary problems in future. Keep reading to know what care need to be taken before and after getting your piercing done.

Before Care

  • Avoid rushing up while choosing a piercer. Otherwise, this can result in a bad experience. Choose a professional piercer always to stay safe and relaxed.
  • Many people move their face while getting the piercing done out of fear, which can result in a more painful piercing. Hence, you need to make sure that you don’t move your face while getting the piercing done. Ask your piercer if you have any questions regarding this procedure. This can actually help you to feel better.
  • Visit the piercing centre at least 20mins to 30mins before your appointment time. Go around in the piercing centre to get an idea about their services.

After Care

  • Avoid touching the area where the piercing is done with your hands, as the germs and bacteria on your hands can result in infection.
  • Don’t change your earrings up to a month, until your cartilage piercing is completed healed. Otherwise, it can take a long time for your piercing to heal. In short, give some time for it to heal completely.
  • Don’t apply too much ointment on your piercing, as it can block the air circulation and causes infection.
  • You should avoid using harsh soaps on your piercing, as this can damage the skin in that area. It is always better to discuss with your piercer before using any product on your piercing.
  • Avoid over cleaning your piercing, as this can irritate the skin in that area. This can also slow down the process of healing as well.
  • Be careful while changing your clothes post getting your piercing done. Otherwise, it can hurt you very badly.
  • Avoid choosing the cheap helix earrings for your piercing, as this can cause infection.

There are a lot of stores in online which offer helix earrings Australia at an attractive price.  Can you pick anything randomly from those stores? Remember, some of the earrings which you see in online can be of poor quality. And, they can trigger reactions on your skin when you use them in few cases. Hence, you have to be really careful while choosing the piercing earrings from any store.

Trust me silver and steel are best choices when it comes to piercing earrings if you want to save your money. In simple words, the earrings made up of these metals looks beautiful, affordable in price and safe to use. Even the gold piercing earrings looks beautiful, but they can be little costlier when compared to the other metals.