Tips For Top Elektroinstalater Zagreb – How Can You Reset A Circuit Breaker?

Tips For Top Elektroinstalater Zagreb – How Can You Reset A Circuit Breaker?

Nowadays, in every home, people are using circuit breakers that may switch off the power of any portion of the room, if any electric short circuit or overload ever occurs. The basic function of any circuit breaker is to conveniently cut the power only to that problem area without switching off the total power supply of the house.

Once your circuit breaker is tripped then you need to rest it again. Unless there is any major problem there is no need to call any elektroinstalater Zagreb (English meaning is an electrician Zagreb).

You may reset your circuit breaker in the following way. However, before doing that it is important that you must wear safety glasses and keep your hand dry to protect against any possible shocks. You must also insulate yourself before resetting your circuit breaker.

  1. Switch off the entire lights and also unplug everything that are connected with that room.
  2. Now take a flashlight to open the panel where you can see, which circuit breaker has tripped. Each breaker normally has 3 positions – on, off, and in between a center position.
  3. Check the circuit breaker that has tripped to the center position.
  4. Bring it to the off position and again switch it on.
  5. Just wait to see whether the switch remains in its ‘on’ position. Suppose it does, then your circuit breaker has got reset, and also the power is restored back to your room. In case, the switch does not remain in its ‘on’ position, then it indicates that a serious problem in the wiring exists.
  6. You may then call an electrician to check the line to identify the actual problem.

Breaker and fuse

Fuses, as well as circuit breakers, are so designed that they will interrupt the power supply to any circuit if the current flow gets exceeded the safe limit. Fuses generally contain a very narrow metal strip that is designed to get safely melt whenever the current will exceed its rated value.

Circuit breakers are little complicated mechanical devices. Usually, they consist of a certain spring-loaded contact that is latched into its position against some other contact. As the current flow will exceed through the device as per the rated value, that it has been designed, a bimetallic strip will heat up and also bend.

Due to its bending, it will trip the latch, and also the necessary spring will pull the contacts apart. You can reset the breakers for a certain number of times and each time the breaker trip or they are thrown while the respective circuit is underuse, then some arcing may take place, which may damage the contacts.

Therefore these breakers should never be used as a switch unless the design especially lists them to this kind of function within the circuit.

Neither these fuses nor any breakers will be limiting the current. A dead short circuit may cause due to hundreds or sometimes also thousands of amperes flowing for a very short time, which may often cause very severe damage.