Understanding Notary Basics Of Apostilles And Authentication Certificates

Understanding Notary Basics Of Apostilles And Authentication Certificates

There are so many legal terms that it becomes confusing at times and legalizing a document differs from country to country. An apostille is a document or certificate that has to be attached to the government after the document has been notarized. It helps in validating the seal and the signature of the notary for use in other countries.

After a document has been notarized, it can be used legally in other countries. Apostilles are public documents under the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961. It is an international treaty streamlining the traditional procedure for authenticating documents. gkg notory London deals with these documents and certificates.

Authentication certificates are used for those nations that are not part of the Hague conventions. The processing time and requirements are different for countries.

Getting authentication for notarization

Some documents required for use in abroad are company bylaws, deeds of assignments, affidavits, agreements, etc. In the case of parents, their children living in another country must keep their adoption dossiers properly for further use. But your signer has to make the authentication and not you.

Requests for the notarization should consist of the following:

·         A proper explanation as to why the apostille or authentication is required

·         The original document attached to the notarial certificate

·         Where the document is held to be going

·         A postage-paid return envelope addressing to the custodian document or document reaching the final destination.

·         The fee is required by various states.

The commissioning officer only has to decide whether the documents are apostilles or authentication documents and this depends on the final destination of the document.

The role of the notary

Your simple work is to notarize the document yourself and only you can do that. As the document will be going to another country, the procedures have to be carried out properly so that there are no problems from the receiving ends. Just keep in mind that all documents passing through the Notary office will be scrutinized thoroughly.

Any notarial error can lead to strict enforcement against you and you won’t be able to send your documents to the residing country.

What is the meaning of legalization?

Legalization is the use of documents after putting the correct stamps or certificates for recognition in other countries. When documents don’t have apostilles, they may go with further steps of verification. The stamps issued by the office are called attestations.

Can Notary provide for apostille services?

Many Notaries living near the apostille offices can deal with apostille services for the generation of additional incomes. They take in with the courier service for taking and bringing the papers back to the customers. These are necessarily not called “Notary acts” but it comes with relevant fees.


A notary is required for sending any document abroad. These are the rules that have to be followed and if it is not followed then, legal actions can be taken against the person dealing with these services.