How Men Can Improve Their Sexual Performance

How Men Can Improve Their Sexual Performance

Every man dreams to have a great time in the bed when they are having sexual intercourse with their female partner. They not only prefer to have a great time in bed alone but also want to ensure that his partner also gets enough pleasure so that she will always be ready to indulge in sex with him.

Only by maintaining proper erection and creating timely orgasm with your partner before you ejaculate will make your sexual performance memorable.

Here we are offering more than 5 ways of improving your bedroom life which you must incorporate in your life to get enough pleasure during your sexual intercourse.

  1. By staying active

To have great performance in the bed, you must be physically active enough. So, you must indulge in regular exercises so that you always remain fit and active. Engage in the activity like running, swimming, or brisk walking every day.

  1. By eating healthy foods

It is necessary to eat healthy foods. However, certain foods can improve your blood flow better. They are:

  • Onions and garlic
  • Bananas
  • Chilies and peppers
  • Eggs
  • Vitamin B-1
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  1. By reducing stress

An extra amount of stress can always affect your sex performance. Your BP may go high and due to stress, you cannot achieve the desired erection before sex. By talking to your partner with intimate discussions can also reduce your stress.

  1. By getting rid of bad habits

Indulging in too much smoking and drinking alcohol can also influence your sexual performance. Though little red wine can be useful but avoid taking too much. Also, stay away from drugs, etc.

  1. Get enough sunlight

You must go outside and allow enough sunlight to hit your body and skin, which can help you to wake up sex drive, particularly during the winter seasons. During this time, your body will produce more melatonin that can be regulated by sunlight.

  1. Masturbate often

If you cannot last long in your bed, then you must masturbate, so that you can have better practice about sex and know a few tricks to regulate your ejaculation. When you masturbate alone, then you can understand your sexuality much better.

  1. By paying attention and care to your partner

Remember, sex is not just for your enjoyment, as your partner is also equally involved in the process. So, you also need to know about her needs. You must constantly communicate with her during the sex and increase or slow down as per her needs to have great sex.

  1. By using lubrication

If her vagina is too dry, then it may be difficult to make penetration. Hence, you need to use a gel or certain lubricating liquid-like Vaseline, cooking oil, etc.

  1. By enough foreplay

Before you penetrate, your partner must also be stimulated enough, and to prepare her to be ready for sex. So, you must do sufficient foreplay by touching the sensitive parts that can excite her.

  1. By trying different positions

You may spice up your sex life by changing sex positions during every new session.