What Are The Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

What Are The Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

Google AdWords is a simple way of advertising where you need to bid on relevant keywords to let search engines display clickable ads in the search results. You need to pay for these ads and this is how search engines get revenue. But it is possible that miss out on something while setting up your PPC account or commit some mistakes. You need to omit errors to increase your success rate.

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Commonly made AdWords Mistakes

  • Not demarketing the geography

This is the most commonly made mistake when you miss out on the step to set your target location. Google AdWords automatically shows your advertisements outside the targeted area which drags down your results. Outside accounts will never revisit your page and will even produce unnecessary traffic.

You can change this by going to Dimensions and then selecting ‘Geographic’ from the drop-down menu. Choose ‘Location type’ and change it to the location of your interest.

  • Duplicate keywords

Sometimes the keywords that you have signed up for may match with other firm and this will result in improving the ranks of others. Even if you have not set the target location, the chances of keyword matching with multiple groups are higher.

You can use the AdWords Editor feature to resolve this issue. Go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘Find Duplicate Keywords’. Using this you can make the necessary changes like changing your target location and benefitting the most.

  • No bidding strategy

You must have a bidding strategy to use Google AdWords services. Any keyword with a high cost per conversion cannot have the same bid as the one that is generating more leads at a lower price.

If you think that you cannot adjust the bids manually, you can check out the AdWords automatic bidding options that can help you out in understanding the scheme.

  • Lack of analyzing network performance

Display Select and Search Partners are two things that you need to keep a check on regularly. Search Partners can often prove out to be beneficial for you but needs to be tracked and evaluated on a campaign basis. The performance is enhanced by managing Display separately. You can select your network type in the ‘Segment’ section under the Campaigns tab.

  • Missing Ad Extensions

It is advised that you use Ad extensions. However, some accounts have disapproved extensions too. The most commonly disapproved extensions are Review Extensions and phone numbers. Some accounts may even miss out on Structured Snippet. The extensions help to pre-qualify clicks better. It will help improve your rankings.


These are some of the common mistakes that business owners tend to make while registering for Google AdWords. You can use several features made available by Google AdWords to avoid some errors and stay updated about its new features.