A Beginners Guide to Storing and Buying Sex Toys

A Beginners Guide to Storing and Buying Sex Toys

You’ve had to rely on sex toys multiple times in your search for the perfect partner when you were feeling desperate. You may not be aware of the potential hygiene dangers and limitations these toys pose. We believe everything related to sex should always be done safely, even with toys.

The sex toys sector has seen remarkable growth over the past several decades. Sex toys are a favorite product of all ages. Sex toys are a great way to get some action while you are by yourself, and they can also be used together to make things more heated.

You should clean up after you have enjoyed a meal. Sex toys are not only cleaned after or before use; it’s also important to be aware of their condition while they’re being used.

So How Do You Do It?

We know safety and hygiene should not be your first thought after climax bliss. This blog can help make your experience using sexual toys enjoyable and safe.

1. Be Sure To Check the Details of Your Purchase, Particularly the Material

This is the most important consideration before you buy any sex toy. Sex toys are not required to be approved by any council.

Know the Material: Porous v/s Non-Porous Materials

Some sex toys include phthalates. This hazardous chemical disrupts hormones and is prohibited from being used by children’s toy manufacturers. It is particularly found in very soft and jelly-like porous toys. Check to see if your sex toy contains this chemical. Porous toys can carry bacteria and infect others, even though they’re cleaned frequently. Non-porous sexual toys are safe and will not alter your hormones. These toys can be made with medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, or glass. 

2. These Items Should Only Be Bought From Trusted, Reputable Stores and Websites

As we’ve previously said, this sector is flourishing and quite lucrative. This suggests that the market is broad and unrestricted. We are all aware of the abundance of original and replica goods in major marketplaces. Therefore, you must only purchase sex toys from reputable manufacturers or businesses with a solid web presence and a strong name in the marketplace. An excellent place to start is with a product with clear information about its composition, usage, and other characteristics on the back.

3. Protection Is Crucial, Even When Using Sexy Toys

It is strongly advised that you wear a condom if you share any phallic-shaped sex objects with your partner that have the potential to cause vaginal or oral penetration. Condoms may make it safer and more fun while lowering the chance of infection. After each penetration, you should switch out your condom.

4. Before and After Each Use, Clean and Store Them Carefully

It is crucial to keep your sex toys safe by cleaning them up. This should be done before and afterward. The bacteria in the sex toys can come into contact with the blood or semen.

Clean them thoroughly with clinical soap/shampoo. Use warm water. Then dry them immediately with a regular soft cloth. You might also find packaged sex toys at the store or online that are suitable for this purpose. After each use, the sex toys should remain in their original packaging.

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