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Include A Few Key Elements To Maximize Your Basement Remodelling Project

Include A Few Key Elements To Maximize Your Basement Remodelling Project

In many houses often it has been noticed that the basement area usually remains either unfinished or used for storing unnecessary objects of the household and end up as a dumping place. This space can always be converted into a very useful place of your house by converting it into any of the following:

  • Extra bedroom space for your guests
  • Home theater
  • Workout room
  • Area for your entertainment

Whatever you may decide to make in your basement, a finished basement will be an ideal place for your home that can add convenience and flexibility, and also increase the resale value of your home.

However, any great basement remodels do not just happen. You need to do certain thoughtful planning and hire a competent basement renovation Woodbridge contractor like Cedar Hills Contracting who has plenty of experience in such projects.

You must include the following few key elements in your basement so that you can make the best utilization of this space.

  1. Sufficient height

International Residential Code needs that basements must have 6 to 7 feet of height and if your ceiling height is shorter than that, then you will regret it a lot in the future.

  1. Maintain dryness

Usually, basements are likely to be damp for the very reason that most pipelines pass through the basement and you do not get enough sunlight. Make all arrangements to keep this area dry.

  1. Adequate exits

While including extra bedrooms in this space you must plan for enough exits as per the building code. You need to ensure that enough safe exits are available even if the building codes in a certain area do not recommend.

  1. Proper drainage

If you are planning for a bathroom then make sure that there is proper drainage available so that water can flow out easily.

  1. Great lighting

Usually, the basement needs a little more lighting than any other area of the house. Therefore, you must plan for adequate lighting for this area.

  1. Noise reduction

Many of you may include a game room, or a home theater, for your entertainment purposes. So you must also consider how the level of noise in your basement may impact all other rooms in the house.

  1. Future plans

You may have certain future plans for your basement and hence make a provision for all different utilities well in advance.

  1. Include a wet bar

Your basement can be an ideal place to create a small bar where you can invite your friends and guests to have a nice cocktail party in this space.

  1. Home office

If you are working from home or have a plan to start a mini office in your home then the basement is perhaps the ideal location to do that. Yout home offices can also double as your guest room so that you can maximize the purpose of this important living space.

Adding all these features to your basement renovation project can make your house very attractive for your prospective buyers if you ever decide to resell your house.