Know the Difference Between CBD Oil from Hemp and Marijuana Before Purchasing

Know the Difference Between CBD Oil from Hemp and Marijuana Before Purchasing

Many people think CBD oil derived from marijuana and hemp are the same, but the fact is, hemp-based CBD oil is different from marijuana-based CBD oil.  It is essential to understand the differences and similarities between both oils before purchasing any CBD product.

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Hemp and marihuana CBD are derived from the cannabis plants, but marijuana strain is mostly found in cannabis that belong to indica and cannabis Sativa family, whereas hemp CBD is derived only from cannabis Sativa.

What is hemp?

Hemp is one of the cannabis plants, which is harvested for stalks, seeds, and flowers. It grows approximately 2 to 4 meters tall. It is used in various industries to make a variety of products, including food, CBD oil, cosmetics, clothing, and more. The compound extracted from hemp is Cannabidiol (CBD) is a safe, non-psychoactive compound.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana or weed is a popular plant. It is harvested for flowers, which gives an elated feeling to the user when consumed. This is because marijuana contains high THC levels compared to hemp. Both the plants will have the same CBD compounds, so you need to be cautious while purchasing hemp products.


The differences between marijuana-based CBD oil and hemp-based CBD oil are broke into 4 categories, such as cannabinoid content, effects, uses, and legality. Let us know about them in detail:

Cannabinoid content

Most of the CBD products available in the market are made with the full-spectrum extracts as it contains all the plant materials with cannabinoids. The main difference between marijuana and hemp-based CBD oil is the levels of THC and CBD.

Hemp-based CBD products contain a very less amount of THC of 0.3% and high levels of CBD. When it comes to marijuana-based CBD products, they contain high THC levels from 5%-30% along with CBD. Due to this, they produce psychoactive effects.


As hemp-based CBD oil contains low THC, it will not make the user high or change the mental state. Moreover, it helps to clear the mind by making the user relax. Plus, it provides relief from both physical and mental discomfort. The effect of hemp-based CBD oil is mild and works for the long term.

Although marijuana-based CBD oil offers quick results, it will have counteracting effects. However, these products are effective and help with chronic conditions.


Still, many research studies are needed to understand the effects of CBD oil, but people who used CBD oil reported that it helps to reduce various health conditions, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Acne
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleep disorders
  • Pain
  • Depression


According to Farm Bill 2018, hemp-based products are legal on state and federal levels, whereas using marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. So, there will be no issues to produce, purchase or transport hemp-based CBD products that contain THC of 0.3%.

Even though the benefits of marijuana and hemp-based CBD oil are the same, the effects of both are different. To enjoy the benefits of CBD oil without psychoactive effects hemp-based CBD oil is the best choice. Choose the best store that offers hemp-based CBD oil, which contains THC level 0.3% and order today.