How To Get Your Music On Spotify, Apple Music (And 100s Of Streaming Platforms)

Getting music on popular music channels is one of the key challenges that a music artist face. The introduction of streaming services has reshaped how music is packaged, shared, and grasped. The article tells you the best ways to get music on popular music channels on the web.

About Online Streaming Services

These services account for over half of worldwide recorded music revenue. Apple Music has around 56 million subscribers and Spotify has 96 million paying users throughout the world. These figures show that these are the best online music places to sell your music online.

They offer heightened visibility and exposure to the business that makes them a great promotional tool for a music artist. MusicDigi is a leading digital music distribution service provider firm. This platform helps musicians to upload their music on prominent online music stores and streaming services.

Who Pays More Apple Music Or Spotify?

The average per-stream payout on Spotify is $0.00318 and on Apple Music is $0.00551. Along with the payout amount, there are a few more things that will help conclude which streaming services are beneficial than the other.

These include the market where it originates, the number of subscribers, ways it makes payments to music artists, free trials, etc. Apple Music provides a 3-month free trial to its users.

To avail of the service, the user doesn’t have to be a member of Apple Music 1 radio to listen to music on it. This is a highly celebrated feature of the service. Digital distribution services offer the best platform to upload music to iTunes.

Spotify has revised its rates for Family Plan. It offers a family membership plan at $15 that covers up to 6 users. In addition to it, the music platform has also launched an exclusive plan for couples at £12.99. Take the assistance of music aggregators to get your music on Deezer and other popular streaming services.

In What Ways Does Spotify Pay Artists?

The payment policy of the streaming service depends on how the royalty channel is set up and the type of rights that the music artist gets from its creation.

In case of Spotify, the streaming services pay royalties via distribution firms that include TuneCore, Believe, etc. If it has a direct licensing contract with the platform, then it even sends the music straight to the record label.

MusicDigi is the best place to put your song on Spotify. As far as copyright is concerned, Spotify pays earnings to musicians via Performance Rights Organizations. It pays directly to large publishing firms that have a direct relationship with the music streaming service.

How Much Amount Does Spotify Pay For Each Stream?

The amount of pay-out per stream depends on the kind of streams that the music artist gets. On average, Spotify pays $0.00318 per stream to every copyright holder of the master recording. The actual cash amount that an artist collects depends on the agreement between the label, artist, and distributor.

Which Is the Maximum Paying Streaming Service?

Amazon Music Unlimited pays a maximum of $0.012 per stream. Next is Rhapsody that provides $0.011 per stream. However, the total number of streams on those platforms is very less than prominent music distribution services such as Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and Apple Music. Online music distributors are a great means to put your music on TikTok and make sales and royalties from it.

Which Is A Better Place to Earn from Music: Apple Music or Spotify?

  • Apple Music has over a 60million tracks in its catalog, whereas Spotify claims 50m songs. In the 2019 report, 40,000 songs are added daily to Spotify’s streaming platform.
  • Apple has an advantage over Spotify as it also offers the Apple Music 1 radio station that features human Disco Jockeys at the decks.
  • Spotify provides the advantage of “Connect” to allow premium contributors to stream their music directly to televisions, systems, and speakers. Apple deploys “AirPlay 2” and a visually heavy to use interface.
  • Apple Music offers better organization and integration of music than Spotify.
  • Spotify offers a popular feature named “Discover Weekly” that uses the ‘deep learning’ system to yield a playlist of thirty songs that are appropriate to the listening habits of music fans worldwide.


Apple Music and Spotify are ideal for those who wish to explore new bands and encourage the pioneer within you. Both of these platforms highlight different genres of artists and music. When compared between both the platforms, Apple Music boasts a comprehensive and attractive radio service to users.

Unlike the algorithmic radio of Spotify that curate songs around a specific artist, Apple Music can effectively your music better with its live 24/7 ‘youth-orientated’ station all over the world.