Do You Know the Purpose of Carb on Hand Pipe or Bong?

Do You Know the Purpose of Carb on Hand Pipe or Bong?

Actually, every smoker has got their own style of smoking and over the period after smoking, everyone develops their own method of smoking and certain preferences of their own. Some people who are accustomed to smoking at home may prefer bongs because of their filters.

Few smokers who may prefer to take concentrates and may like to smoke dab rig, instead of taking dry herbs. Few of us may also prefer to smoke from fruit too.

However, every responsible smoker will prefer hand pipes, as they are the simplest method of smoking. While there are many different types of glass made hand pipes, having different features, but all of them have a carb. This carb is very important and help the glass pipes to be simple, effective and also enjoyable.

In this article, we shall try to understand more about the actual purpose of carb, and how can it improve your hand pipe experience.

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Why bongs generally have a car?

A carb hole, which is also known as shot hole, rush hole, carburetor, choke and other is  small hole on each of the glass pipe and few glass water bongs. Your carb hole has certain important function to clear the smokes out of chamber.

Most often carb hole is used while you are smoking out of glass bong, which is not fitted with pull-out glass on the glass bowl and also slider. So, instead of trying to pull out slide first, you cover carb hole by using your finger and after the chamber gets full with smoke, then you can take your finger off and continue inhaling.

Most often carb holes are placed on back side of your bong or on left side. Usually, carb-hole bong is cheaper than glass on glass bong. That is because making glass on any glass bongs is little more laborious. Also, bongs with pull out slide having no carb will give stronger hits. Water bongs that are made with carb hole are however still very popular.

What is the actual purpose of carb hole?

Firstly, it is important to understand that carb will allow you to introduce the presence of air at exactly the right moment. When you light the herbs and start inhaling, you must be covering your carb hole by using your thumb.

After that, when you try to move your finger as well as continue to inhale, all the air will help to direct all the smoke into the lungs. Therefore, hand pipes having carbs can make an excellent inclusion to a road trip of any smoker.

Generally, carb hole is very crucial to help smokers to control their smoking experience. Those who are seasoned smokers will understand how to correctly use carb hole. The carb hole can help you to understand, when you should expect the smoke.