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Introducing UnGrounded: a hack at 30,000 feet.

In some places in the world, an entire generation of brilliant minds don’t have the opportunities or partnerships they need. In other places, there are more opportunities than qualified people. It’s called the “global misalignment of talent.” 

British Airways has an idea to help tackle this problem.

Our Advisory Board is hand-picking 100 of the most forward-thinking founders, CEOs, venture capitalists, and Silicon Valley game-changers, and putting them on a flight from San Francisco to London.

On board, they’ll do what they do best—innovate and collaborate to find an effective solution to this growing global challenge.

Once back on land, they’ll present their ideas to ranking delegates from the United Nations. 

Follow along and see who will get a seat on this ambitious flight.

Tell us your ideas, share your insights, and offer your solutions. Who knows? You could help change the world.